White Paper The WHMIS Gap

Millions of Canadians are exposed to chemical hazards in the workplace every year. Discover the gap that exists between the intent of WHMIS and the on-the-ground reality + get 3 steps to reduce the risks.

Chemical Safety and SDS Management Software

Instant chemical hazard clarity for workplace safety & sustainability

SDS RiskAssist™ is an asset in Laboratories

Medical & Dental Clinics • Municipalities • Manufacturing • Laboratories • Schools • Hospitality

Finally! Software that reads your WHMIS Safety Data Sheets.

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SDS RiskAssist™ Gives You:


Know your chemical workplace hazards.


Effectively inform and protect your workers.


Eliminate unnecessary hazards.

SDS RiskAssist is like having an in-house chemicals safety expert at your side for a fraction of the cost. With regular platform updates, learning across sectors is shared to ensure you stay ahead with best practices for good occupational and environmental health & safety. Get the most out of WHMIS or GHS with this tool.

SDS RiskAssist™ Smart SDS Management Laptop and Mobile
3 Steps to Chemical Safety Compliance

Simple, effective chemical management solutions.

A Chemical Hazards Audit

Get an audit of your WHMIS SDSs to quickly identify your chemical hazards and understand your biggest risks.

SDS RiskAssist™ Tool

Easily understand, manage and communicate safety data sheet information for chemical hazard protection.

Chemical Management System

Our processes help you smoothly adopt a professional chemical management system for your organization.

Watch The Video To See How SDS RiskAssist Works

• Digitize your SDS paper binders

• Gain insights into your chemical hazards

• Give you peace of mind

From our customers:

About RilleaTech

Our Mission

We believe that every person handling chemicals can understand the hazards and be prepared to protect themselves, those around them and the environment.

Our Values

Keeping it simple!

Prioritizing to achieve balance!

Getting things done and done right!

Maximizing value of information!

Our Vision

Enable people and the planet to prosper by enjoying the benefits of chemicals while avoiding the collateral damage to workers and the environment.

Our Goals

Rillea Technologies also supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, working with our clients to take action for a sustainable planet.

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