Next Generation SDS Management Software

SDS RiskAssist: Let Software Do The Work.

Unlock Data: SDS information is extracted and organized automatically.

Gain Clarity: A summary dashboard shows all your workplace chemical hazards in one place and fast.

Take Action: Improve your chemical safety program with informed decision making.

Feel Peace of Mind: Create a safer workplace with less effort and cost.

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SDS RiskAssist SDS Management and Chemical Safety Software on phone, tablet, and desktop

SDS Management and Chemical Safety Software

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Why choose SDS RiskAssist?

SDS RiskAssist summarizes and prioritizes your own data and guides you to take action.

With regular platform updates, learning across sectors is shared to ensure you stay ahead with best practices for SDS Management and Chemical Safety Compliance. Get the most out of WHMIS 2015 or GHS with this tool.


All your safety data sheets at your fingertips in less than 30 seconds.


1-page safety briefs of chemical hazards, handling instructions and PPE requirements.


Properly train and empower your workers to safely handle hazardous chemicals.


Make your workplace safer and discover cost savings through better information.


Simple and easy to use with predictive search, autotagging, and so much more.


Link your data to applicable health and safety regulations for peace of mind.

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