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At Rillea we believe that with a bit of focused knowledge, all people can work safely with chemicals. With chemical exposure, the poison is in the dose. If you work with health hazards daily, avoiding the exposure can be as easy as wearing the right type of gloves or using a properly fitted respirator.

Where engineering controls are impractical, personal protective equipment (PPE) is available and affordable to keep exposures to a minimum. The missing link is knowing when PPE is required and that's where SDS RiskAssist can help.

Watch Our Webinar On COVID19 Disinfection Practices

Returning to work during a pandemic has its challenges.

We've put together some simple steps you can take to be prepared.

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"I have never really thought about the chemicals we routinely use at work. Our dental clinic has over 150 safety data sheets (SDSs). That is 2,300 pieces of paper. That is way too much information"

"As we begin to re-open our businesses in the wake of the first wave of the pandemic, workers all over the world are spending much of their days using disinfectants to clean countless surfaces. This represents a much higher exposure…"

"Our short answer is No – Employers are responsible for providing and ensuring workplace specific instructions/procedures are followed. But…"

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