#OHSMatters January 2020


Are You Ready to Achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal for Chemical Management?

Companies around the world are rallying to support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for a sustainable planet. 2020 is the deadline for one key milestone – Target 12.4 which states:

“By 2020 achieve the environmentally sound management of chemicals and all waste throughout their lifecycle, in accordance with agreed international frameworks, and significantly reduce their release to air, water and soil in order to minimize their impacts on human health and the environment.”

If you manage more than 50 chemicals, this may sound impossible. But it’s not – with the help of RilleaTech’s cloud platform SDS RiskAssist! SDS RiskAssist is the easy and efficient way to turn this seemingly impossible task into a job well done. We have several clients who have achieved this goal in record time using SDS RiskAssist to conduct an inventory of their chemicals, digitize and update their safety data sheets, identify hazards, eliminate the chemicals that present risks that they are unwilling to accept and ensure that protective measures are in place to help workers safely handle the remaining chemicals. One client achieved this process with over 500 chemicals in just 3 months! 

Read more about our clients who have either met this goal or are well on their way to achieving it and stay tuned as we add more client stories.

Chemical Hazards in the Workplace: Is Your Organization at Risk?

Every organization has a different risk profile for chemical use in the workplace and it is often related to the complexity of chemical use. Understanding your chemical complexity is the first step to selecting the right SDS system to manage the risk and keep employees safe, from a simple Excel spreadsheet to a robust, real-time, cloud-based solution. Take our survey and see how you score. 

Keeping Mechanics Safe!

Data collected by Rillea Technologies confirms that mechanics can be exposed to a myriad of products from asthma-related isocyanates to possible carcinogens, at work. Chemicals are similar around the globe and since chemical safety is an emerging field, the experts from Rillea Technologies often leverage knowledge from reputable organizations around the world. Check out the European Lung Foundation publication “In the Garage” for some great tips on staying safe while working as a mechanic.

Do You Manage Designated Substances?

Many of our clients initially believe they do not have designated substances in their chemical collections, when in fact they do – an erroneous assumption that can have serious consequences. Designated substances are categorized under a special regulation because they are judged to be especially hazardous.  As a result, employers are required to take actions to protect employees from exposure to these substances. Our blog helps you determine if you have designated substances and how to safely manage them.

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