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RilleaTech Releases SDS RiskAssist V3.0

Written by: Lisa Hallsworth

Published on: 19 August 2019

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Rillea Technologies is very excited to announce the release of SDS RiskAssist V3.0!

New features available in SDS RiskAssist V3.0 include the following:
  • Auto-tags – administrators can now develop custom directives that can be assigned to chemicals, based on hazards, at the click of a mouse. This enables clients to get valuable and consistent chemical handling directives in the hands of workers in seconds! It also ensures that editors and safety support staff can build on consistent directives from safety managers.
  • Parent-Child Locations – Effective management systems break work down into chunks, which can then be completed by different members of a team. The parent-child location functionality allows administrators to break chemicals into locations and sub-locations according to where they are used, making inventory checks and any safe-handling directives specific to the location and responsibility easier to share while still allowing safety manager oversight. 
  • Single Sign On (SSO) – With SSO, workers who are authenticated on their company platform can access SDS RiskAssist without having to login with a separate password. It also enables tracking of site visits by user. This can help managers know if employees are refreshing their knowledge as required.
  • 1-page summaries in both official languages – Whether the safety data sheet is in French or English, clients who subscribe to this option can have 1-page summaries in both official languages!
  • Optional chemical lists – while previous versions of SDS RiskAssist identified chemical ingredients from Ontario’s Regulations 490 and 833, users now have the option to add other chemical lists to their systems – these could be environmental (NPRI), industry specific (Red List), other jurisdictions or customized for their organization.
With SDS RiskAssist V3.0, the coveted 1-page summaries will still look the same to employees and read-only users, however administrators and editors will have increased functionality. What we heard from our early adopters was that while SDS RiskAssist was revolutionary in giving them an organized view of their chemical-related hazards, it also overwhelmed busy safety managers with the realization that they had a lot of work to do to comply with chemical workplace safety regulations.” said Lisa Hallsworth, CEO of Rillea Technologies. “V3.0 is focused on addressing this volume of work by allowing safety managers to “crowd-source” their chemical safety as follows:
  1. With auto-tagging, the safety manager can quickly set clear, consistent company-wide directives about how certain groups of chemicals must be handled. For example, they can mandate that Highly Flammable Liquid and Vapour products must be bonded and grounded or that Reproductive Toxins must not be used by or in the vicinity of pregnant workers. These directives can now be assigned to multiple chemicals at the click of a button.
  2. Increased levels of Parent-Child locations allows the safety manager to delegate risk assessments to supervisors across their organizations, where chemicals are being used, while maintaining an overview of the directives being given to employees.
  3. Single Sign On means that employees are automatically added to SDS RiskAssist as long as they have been authenticated on the company website and safety managers can access quarterly use reports.
  4. With bilingual 1-page summaries, safety managers can easily make safe-handling directives for employees available in French, even if the French safety data sheet is not available.
  5. Adding new chemical lists will make reporting requirements, such as NPRI, much easier since the software will look for the ingredients and managers can decide if the quantities being used meet the reporting requirements.”
Those interested in learning more about SDS RiskAssist V3.0 can email Rillea Technologies at or book a meeting with Rillea’s Team

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