The Power of a Question

A Leader in any organization can quickly demonstrate to others what is important by asking a question. No matter how complex the issue, process or problem, a simple question asked of the right people will provide valuable insight as to how the organization is dealing with the situation. The following 3 questions are examples of […]

Best Practice Chemical Handling

Best Practice in Chemical Handling

Best practices in chemical handling focus on protecting the end-user of chemicals. If this is done well, not only will organizations meet the regulations but they will reduce illness and associated costs, improve internal and external reputation and facilitate an environment where workers can responsibly unleash the benefits of chemicals! How is this Accomplished? Consider […]

4 Groups

Who is Responsible for Safe Chemical Handling?

Every organization that handles hazardous chemicals is different.  They vary in the type of chemical used, the reasons they use the chemical, the number of people who handle the chemicals and the resources they have available to mitigate the hazards associated with chemical use. But what manufacturers, schools, hospitals and service companies have in common […]


Rillea’s Quintevation Maker Profile

Rillea Technologies is fortunate to benefit from the entrepreneurial spirit of the Bay of Quinte community, in Eastern Ontario, that is drawn together by Quintevation. Quintevation is a non-government, non-profit organization that is run by entrepreneurs with a mandate to promote growth in the Bay of Quinte Region.  There are over 500 entrepreneurs involved with the […]