Disinfectants That Meet EPA & Health Canada Criteria Against Coronavirus

Updated: March 27, 2020 Follow @RilleaTech Tweet To combat the spread of the coronavirus, workers all over the world are spending much of their days using disinfectants to clean countless surfaces. This represents a much higher exposure to these chemicals than is normal. Protection against the spread of the coronavirus requires hospitals, municipalities and essential […]

#OHSMatters March 2020 Newsletter

The Coronavirus – Need Help to Ensure You Are Using Effective Disinfectants? The coronavirus has left many businesses reeling while other organizations are expending heroic effort in disinfect surfaces to prevent its spread. The disinfecting efforts present two challenges: ensuring the correct use of disinfectants that meet established criteria for use against the coronavirus and protecting workers […]

Rillea Technologies Wins Bootstrap SAAS Award

Follow @RilleaTech Tweet The Ottawa Business Journal recently announced the winners of The Ottawa Network and Smart & Biggar sponsored annual Bootstrap Awards, and Rillea Technologies was thrilled to receive the SAAS (Software as a Service) award for its cloud-based software, SDS RiskAssist™.  What is SDS RiskAssist™? SDS RiskAssist™ is cloud-based software that not only […]

Can a Designated Substance Help You Keep SDSs Up-To-Date?

Follow @RilleaTech Tweet Keeping Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) up to date can take a huge amount of time. Time that most organizations do not have. But not having current information puts workers at risk for both acute and chronic health issues. What The Regulations Say In Canada, the Hazardous Product Act (federal legislation) and the […]

#OHSMatters January 2020

Are You Ready to Achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal for Chemical Management? Companies around the world are rallying to support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for a sustainable planet. 2020 is the deadline for one key milestone – Target 12.4 which states: “By 2020 achieve the environmentally sound management of chemicals and all waste […]