What Your SDS Won’t Tell You

A typical SDS contains 10-15 pages of information. But don’t assume it will tell you everything you need to know. Do I Need to Wear Gloves ? In WHMIS 2015 there are 3 different hazard statements that are used to highlight dangerous skin or dermal contact.  Fatal in contact with skin Toxic in contact with […]

GrindspaceXL Team at Innovation Park

GrindspaceXL Accelerator Program Graduation

GrindspaceXL is a startup accelerator program supported by Invest Ottawa and Innovation Park in Kingston, Ontario.  The program is a 12-week mentor-guided journey through all aspects of starting up a business.  For Rillea Technologies, this program laid all the business pieces on the table.  From legal, intellectual property, accounting, venture capital and insurance information to customer discovery, developing a minimum […]