Digital Technology and Chemical Risk Management

Consider a process of chemical risk management that follows a basic framework, uses digital technology and puts clear simple results at your fingertips. The ACT Framework Access to information is what most organizations are doing with WHMIS today. Education helps workers understand the symbols, hazards and signal words used within WHMIS along with what should […]

Simplify Chemical Risk Management

To overcome the obstacles to good chemical risk management we need to consider some different ideas on how we look at the information in WHMIS. Look at Hazards Not Products While there are millions of chemical products available in the market, there are only seventy-nine different hazards in the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and […]

Obstacles to Chemical Risk Management

Implementing an effective chemical management system is difficult. Over a 3-year period we spoke with hundreds of people about workplace chemicals and identified 4 obstacles to improving chemical safety. The Bystander Effect The bystander effect says that in a group setting which calls for action to address a problem most of us will assume that […]

Is Chemical Risk Management Important?

Workplace chemicals pose a risk to people. If they did not, there would be no need to focus on Chemical Risk Management and current WHMIS related activities would be sufficient to maintain a safe and healthy work place. There are three reasons why organizations need to think about more than WHMIS compliance.  An Endless Selection […]

Chemical Risk Management – It’s More Than WHMIS

I was very fortunate to spend 22 years working in leadership roles with ExxonMobil where I learned a business can improve its overall performance by improving its safety performance. Key Concepts to Improve Safety Performance: Understand people’s needs. This is at the heart of an effective safety program. Pay attention to safety through metrics, observations […]