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Who is Responsible for Safe Chemical Handling?

Every organization that handles hazardous chemicals is different.  They vary in the type of chemical used, the reasons they use the chemical, the number of people who handle the chemicals and the resources they have available to mitigate the hazards associated with chemical use. But what manufacturers, schools, hospitals and service companies have in common […]


Rillea’s Quintevation Maker Profile

Rillea Technologies is fortunate to benefit from the entrepreneurial spirit of the Bay of Quinte community, in Eastern Ontario, that is drawn together by Quintevation. Quintevation is a non-government, non-profit organization that is run by entrepreneurs with a mandate to promote growth in the Bay of Quinte Region.  There are over 500 entrepreneurs involved with the […]

WHMIS 2015 Changes

Changes in Dates for WHMIS Transition

On May 19th, 2017, Health Canada announced changes to the transition dates for the move from WHMIS 1988 (CPR – Controlled Product Regulation) to WHMIS 2015 (HPR – Hazardous Products Regulation). In short this change gives manufacturers and importers an extra year to bring their systems into compliance with the new act. It also gives […]

CAS Registry

Managing Chemicals With Foresight

I was saddened to read the Toronto Star’s article on workers exposed to toxic chemicals in a Peterborough plant this week and the efforts that Ontario’s Minister of Labour, Kevin Flynn, is making to expedite Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) claims for workers. The effects of chemical exposure in the workplace can be devastating and […]

Build In Canada Innovation Program

SDS RiskAssist™ Pre-Qualified Under BCIP Call No. 007

Rillea Technologies is thrilled to have SDS RiskAssist™ pre-qualified with the Build In Canada Innovation Program (BCIP) under Call No. 007. Rillea is now able to seek testing of SDS RiskAssist™ with a Government of Canada Department handling hazardous chemicals. The BCIP connects Canadian innovators with government departments that are willing to test cutting edge innovations that are just becoming available in […]