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Rillea Technologies Recognizes Theresa Frechette

Written by: Lisa Hallsworth

Published on: 18 April 2019

Theresa Frechette of Safety Consulting Services

Theresa Frechette, owner of Safety Consulting Services in Barrie, Ontario is a huge believer in the value of WHMIS.  She has worked hard to ensure client employees understand how to read safety data sheets and what to think about for safe chemical handling.

However, when the founders of Rillea Technologies met with Theresa in March of 2018, she was frustrated with WHMIS. Although chemical-specific training is required under the WHMIS regulations, for organizations handling more than 50 chemicals (most of her clients), it would take a lot of time to sort through their WHMIS binders to identify the hazards and none of her clients were willing to pay for this time.

When Theresa saw SDS RiskAssist, she knew that she had found her answer. The web platform would give her insights about her clients’ worst chemical hazards within seconds. This would allow her to develop relevant chemical-specific training AND provide her own clients with access to her custom-built SDS RiskAssist platform. Within a month of beginning her subscription, Theresa was able to provide her clients with higher value chemical-specific WHMIS training as well as web access to their safety data sheet collections.

To date, Theresa has 24 of her clients using SDS RiskAssist and the analytics on her site consistently show a high degree of activity – meaning that Theresa’s clients are using SDS RiskAssist to remind themselves about safe chemical handling!

Rillea Technologies, the developer of SDS RiskAssist, registered for a voluntary partnership with the United Nations for advancing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in March of 2019. The 17 goals, known as the SDGs, form a blueprint for a sustainable planet by 2030 and the World Health Organization declared that sound management of chemicals and waste is central to achieving these goals.

At the April 2019 meeting of the Canadian Society of Safety Engineering (CSSE) – Barrie Chapter, Rob and Lisa Hallsworth of Rillea Technologies, presented Theresa with a United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Pin in recognition for bringing much more awareness about chemical hazards to her client organizations.

To learn more about the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals check out some of our blogs!

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