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SDS RiskAssist Toolbar
  1. E-Binder: Identifies all your products by name, supplier, age, and format of document, as well as overall WHMIS signal word for SDSs. Gives system administrator understanding of gaps in their information quality.
  2. Hazard Review: Lists all your products along with key WHMIS hazard information. Allows users to review information by hazard ie – May cause cancer.
  3. Exposure: List of all ingredients with regulated occupational exposure limits in Ontario, that are contained in your products. Allows users to identify potential regulatory concerns. 
  4. Ingredient: Lists all ingredients identified by your suppliers in their products. Allows cross-reference to regulatory, chronic health, and environmental regulations and best practices.
  5. Suppliers: Lists by supplier, the number of products purchased. Allows review of procurement practices to identify potential savings and simplifies the process of updating SDSs.
  6. ACT (Assess-Control-Train): Lists all your products and the PPE, operating instructions, storage and first aid actions your employees should follow. Gives Supervisors rapid information on all products and identifies products with no company instructions. 
  7. Search: Allows the search of one of your company’s products. Type in part of the name and select your desired product from the drop down menu to see the 1-page chemical summary.
  8. Location: Drop down menu of all the locations you have access to for your company’s custom SDS RiskAssist website. Allows filtering of information based on where your products are being used.
  9. Administrative Tools: Left to Right -Toggle between French and English (if your organization has a bilingual subscription) -Access help pages to get a better understanding of the full capabilities of SDS RiskAssist. -Change your password -Send Rillea Tech an email -Logout


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