SDS RiskAssist™ software enables employers to proactively manage chemicals to minimize harm to people and the planet.


The cloud-based software is the only technology that digitizes WHMIS safety data sheets and automatically reads each SDS to extract, organize and flag crucial chemical hazard information at the click of a button.

SDS RiskAssist™ Hazard Dashboard

An intuitive dashboard interface and search tools put everything you need to know about your chemical inventory right at your fingertips, such as:

  • lists of all hazards and exposure limits
  • information about designated substances
  • Information about how many carcinogens are present in a given location. 

SDS RiskAssist™ also links your data to all applicable health and safety regulations so you can ensure your practices are 100% aligned.

Managers get:

Performance Metrics

High level summary of hazards, procurement practices & regulatory requirements.

To Set Goals

On hazards to be eliminated, supplier consolidation opportunities and regulatory compliance.

To Improve Results

Make the organization safer and save money.

Supervisors get:

An Overview of Hazards

A list of all chemical hazards prioritized by type and severity.

To Establish Control Measures

Easy to add company specific directives on safe chemical handling.

For Timely Chemical-Specific Training

Easy to access, clear 1-page summaries of specific chemical hazards, handling instructions and PPE requirements.

Workers get:

Clear Information

Easy to access, clear 1-page summaries of specific chemical hazards, handling instructions and PPE requirements.

That Provides Chemical-Specific Work Instructions

Thorough yet quick training that complies with and meets the intent of the regulations.

So They Can Protect Themselves

To protect themselves and the environment, both day-to-day and during a chemical spill at 2 AM on a Saturday morning.

Health Admin Benefits from SDS RiskAssist™
Safety Manager Try
Safety Consultant 2000 X try


"SDS RiskAssist turned the MSDS binder from a non-functioning collection of documents to a functioning system for better occupational and environmental health and safety."

Matt Fair Production Manager Research Casting International

"SDS RiskAssist™ is a risk-based tool to help prioritize work associated with handling hazardous materials."

Jessica Burroughs CRSP, CHSC, CRM Consultant Public Services Health & Safety Association

"SDS RiskAssist™ is revolutionary in the chemicals management solutions sector.  So much more than a document management system, SDS RiskAssist™ empowered us to easily see the college's entire chemical collection by area and prioritized hazard. It has allowed us to justify the removal of over 300 obsolete and unnecessary chemicals as well as easily completing flammables reporting to the fire department.  We have also been able to identify areas to reduce chemical/WHMIS training costs. SDS RiskAssist™ is an indispensable tool to have in our occupational health and safety toolkit!"

Lisa Lynn, CRSP Occupational Health & Safety Co-ordinator Loyalist College

"SDS RiskAssist™ allows me to provide cost-effective, thorough WHMIS eduction and chemical-specific training to my clients and they love that fact that their "WHMIS Binder" is now an app on their phone! The one-page summary is a real bonus! In a few quick clicks, they get the chemical hazard and safe handling information they need in clear, simple language. I've even seen my clients sharing the SDS RiskAssist™ knowledge with their kids!"

“SDS RiskAssist™ allowed us to gain an overview of the city’s chemical-related hazards in a very efficient and cost effective way. It will allow the City of Quinte West to provide precise, relevant chemical-specific training to employees in all departments while meeting the requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety Act thus ensuring good chemical-related workplace safety.

SDS RiskAssist™ grants our employees access to their department catalogue of Safety Data Sheets at any time electronically through the E-Binder. The One-Page Summary gives quick and accurate information pertaining to safe use including specific PPE, Incident Response, Special Instructions, storage and proper disposal of all hazardous products in their departments. This benefits employee health and wellness, builds employee morale and is great for our business and the community.”

Richard Anderson Health and Safety Officer City of Quinte West

"After trying to teach people to read an MSDS or SDS for 30 years, I found that it is impossible to show them how to get the needed information. SDS RiskAssist™ simplifies that whole process and gives people exactly the information they need."

Rick Hanson Safety Scope

"At Queen’s University, student safety and learning are priorities. While chemicals associated with anatomy labs can be hazardous, we have invested heavily into infrastructure to ensure students can work and learn safely in these labs by following proper protocol and wearing necessary personal protective equipment. SDS RiskAssist™ helps our lab personnel and teaching assistants to share clear, consistent knowledge with students about the hazards, procedures and personal protective equipment needed to maintain safety."

SDS RiskAssist™ absolutely deserves all the awards it has received to date! With the help of this cost-effective platform, we have been able to gain much better awareness about the chemical products that we manage. Our directors are very happy with the improved level of knowledge and oversight. So much so that they requested mobile access for themselves! The platform is intuitive and is a great resource for our staff, who find it much more accessible than binders or an online document repository. Visiting the site is becoming routine and the chemical-handling information is clear and consistent.”

Dr. Evangelia Iperifanou Dental Director Unite Here Wellness & Dental Centre