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Written by: Lisa Hallsworth

Published on: 23 July 2019

Rillea Technologies Wins Startup of the Year Award!

Rillea Technologies is thrilled to announce we received Innovation Guelph’s Startup of the Year Award June 28 for our digital safety data sheet solution for safe chemical management.

Hazards in Your Chemical Collection? Know Your Risk!

Using SDS RiskAssist, we have digitized over 10,000 SDSs from municipalities, colleges, universities, manufacturers, service, medical and dental organizations. By analyzing our data, we were surprised to find that though the chemicals used are different, the hazard profiles across different organizations and sectors are quite similar. Here are some interesting statistics on the hazard profile of a typical organization’s chemical collection:

  • Number of Hazardous Products – 200
  • Number Products with Danger Signal Word – 93
  • Number of Carcinogens – 28
  • Number of Products containing Designated Substances – 13
  • Most Common Danger Hazard Statement – Causes Serious Eye Damage

Are Your Employees Wearing the Right Gloves?

For workers handling chemicals, extra care is needed to ensure the proper gloves for the task are worn. The wrong type of glove can allow chemicals to permeate or degrade the glove and then trap the chemical against the worker’s skin, exacerbating an exposure. Take the time to ensure your workers have the right gloves for the job! Engage your glove supplier to help, if needed!

Case Study – How One Company Improved Chemical Safety

Imagine you are responsible for maintaining the paper copies of safety data sheets in a company with 150 people. This a soul-sucking, thankless job that does not provide any tangible benefits to anyone. It is hard to get motivated to start.

But what if your efforts actually made your workplace safer? Here is an example of what you could accomplish.

OHCOW Launches Occupational Disease Prevention Website!

Though at least 3 times more people die from occupational disease than traumatic injury in Ontario, many workers believe that this problem is associated with big chemical companies. In fact, hazardous chemicals are used across most sectors, if only for cleaning and affect many more people than the chemical industry employs. That’s why we’re pleased to see the Ontario and Federal Governments working to raise awareness about occupational disease with a new Occupational Disease Prevention Website.

The website is hosted by OHCOW ( Occupational Health Clinics for Ontario Workers) and CCOHS (Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety). Check it out and re-visit for new information regularly.

RilleaTech in the News!

We have had a busy quarter! Checkout some of the stories about our work and how it is helping customers excel in proactive chemicals management:

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 __ Lisa & Rob, Rillea Technologies

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SDS RiskAssist is brought to you by award-winning Rillea Technologies, an Ontario-based company that uses the power of technology to give employers control and understanding over the otherwise pervasive and worrisome use of chemicals. SDS RiskAssist ensures workers know why chemicals are being used, what their benefits and hazards are and how to use them safely! RilleaTech’s 10-step chemical management process guides employer action to mitigate their risk and ensure workers have the right knowledge to prevent harm. Workers can access this knowledge via mobile or desktop devices as often as needed, from anywhere in the world. SDS RiskAssist is the winner of 2018, 2019, and 2020 Readers’ Choice Awards by Canadian Occupational Safety Magazine; the 2019 Innovation Guelph Startup of the Year Award; the 2019 Quinte Business Achievement Award (Trailblazer category) and The Ottawa Network’s 2020 Bootstrap Award (SaaS category). Rillea Technologies supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, working with our clients to take action for a sustainable planet.


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