The WHMIS Gap:

How health and safety pros can reduce the risks from chemical hazards in the workplace

A White Paper by Rob Hallsworth

Millions of Canadians are exposed to chemical hazards in the workplace every year. Discover the gap that exists between the intent of WHMIS (prevention of harm) and the on-the-ground reality.

In this White Paper you'll learn:

3 key chemical hazard management challenges all organizations face

The critical questions every employer must ask to protect workers and prevent financial risks

Examples of WHMIS gaps in the workplace

3 steps you can take today to reduce the risks from chemical hazards

About Rillea Technologies

Ontario-based company co-founded in 2016 by chemical engineers Lisa Hallsworth and Rob Hallsworth.

Rillea develops SDS RiskAssist: a cloud based software ideal for managing your chemical hazards.

White Paper The WHMIS Gap

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